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A.C.E.s Advocate, Cooperate and Educate, Rose Tells Chapter Leaders
Friday, January 24, 2014 6:35 AM

Scott Rose

A self-proclaimed sports enthusiast, Scott Rose used storytelling and anecdotes to inspire credit union chapter leaders to be a chapter A.C.E. In his presentation at yesterday’s Chapter Leaders Conference in Dallas, Rose explained that A.C.E. stands for advocate; cooperate and educate.

According to Rose, A.C.E. leaders defend our movement; they learn together, and they don’t just tell our story, they champion our story.

“Chapter A.C.E.s say ‘bring it on’,” he told the crowd.

If you want your chapter to be successful, Rose said, you have to have your principles in place, and you have to have a winning culture.

“Culture trumps beliefs and strategy every time,” he said.

Audience Listens to Scott RoseRose offered chapter leaders four tips to make their chapter meetings more successful:

  • Don’t let the meetings to too long – 90 minutes maximum
  • Don’t let it be boring – keep in moving. He encouraged the chapter leaders to identify those within the chapter who have a talent for planning effective meetings.
  • Have an agenda and be strategic
  • Shuffle the deck

“It’s important to remember that we are all on the same team. Your competition isn’t in the Chapter meeting. Your competition is the bank on the corner or the insurance company down the street,” he said.

The Chapter Leaders conference continues through this afternoon.