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7 Things Successful Leaders Ignore
Monday, September 14, 2015 6:25 AM

In a recent post on his blog Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell says there are seven things successful leaders ignore, and he says, "Your leadership is doomed if you pay attention to everything. Urgency and priority may be separate issues. Ignore things or waste your leadership on things that don’t matter."

Here's Rockwell's list of the seven things successful leaders ignore:

  1. Ignore occasional failure in others. Let people fail and learn on their own. Pay attention to patterns, not isolated incidents.
  2. Ignore insults. People won’t always understand your passion or vision. They may sin against your sincerity; let it go.
  3. Ignore people who say, “I told you so.” They’re jerks.
  4. Ignore guilt from isolated failure. Take responsibility, learn, and move forward. Don’t waste energy beating yourself up. The worst failure is allowing failure to hold you back.
  5. Ignore counsel from advisors that don’t ask questions. They’re uninformed, misinformed, or close minded. (A word of caution. Sometimes wise counsel sounds stupid. When people with a proven track record sound stupid, listen again. Ask questions.)
  6. Ignore those who always see the bad and never see good. They’ll drain you.
  7. Ignore feedback that comes from people who don’t understand your role, mission, vision, or values.

Bonus: Ignore people who don’t challenge you. Too much compassion destroys potential.

This list doesn't come without a warning. Ignore something you should definitely address at your own peril. The caveat is to turn toward things that matter more in order to maximize your potential. How to know the difference? For more on this post, please visit Leadership Freak.