100 Million Member Campaign
100 Million Member Campaign

The 100 million membership campaign aims to commemorate and publicize the achievement of credit unions reaching 100 million memberships (100MM) nationwide. The Cornerstone Credit Union League will tie this initiative in with International Credit Union Day Oct.16, 2014. International Credit Union Day is celebrated every year on the third Thursday in October.

ICU Day State Proclamations


  • Spread the word to even more consumers about the credit union difference across our region
  • Show the growing strength of credit unions as a positive force in providing financial services to consumers and small businesses


  • Hold Chapter-wide Food Drive
    • Food Drive Tool Kit
    • 100 cans and $100
    • Launches Sept.1 and concludes Oct.16
    • Cornerstone to develop marketing collateral
  • Celebrate International Credit Union Day
    • Credit unions encouraged to host open house Oct. 16
    • Chapters encouraged to hold meet and greet for lawmakers the week of International Credit Union Day


Sept. 1 through Oct. 16

  • Press release and op-ed should be distributed in September
  • Food drive should launch Sept. 1 and conclude Oct. 16
  • Open house should be held Oct. 16
  • Meet and greet should be held anytime the week of Oct. 13

Get Involved on Social Media

  • Twitter: Include @CUNAadvocacy and #100MM
  • Facebook: Share to CUNA Advocacy Facebook page and include #100MM
  • Instagram: Include #100MM
  • Vine: Tag @CUNAAdvocacy and include #100MM


Tell your personal credit union story with "selfies"

  1. Visit americascreditunions.org
  2. Click on "SEND US A SELFIE"
  3. Complete the online form, including name, email, city and state
  4. Tell your credit union story under, "Why are you proud to be a credit union member?"
  5. Upload a photo from images and pictures already on your computer, or choose a photo from either the Facebook or Twitter social media platforms
  6. Check the "terms and conditions" box
  7. Complete the "capture code"
  8. Click "submit" to send your photo